We’re proud of the quality of our skirtings and architraves, but what makes us feel even better is when we see what our customers have done with it! Skirting boards and architrave are often a minor part of an overall design, but we think they are an essential finishing touch that can complete a room.

This month was when we decided to get our act together and see whether there was any life on Instagram and who would on earth would be posting about skirting! To our surprise we were astonished at discovering so many passionate users sharing their renovation ideas and experiences, and some were even our customers!

Thank you to all those who allowed us to share the rewards of both their vision and hard work on our Instagram account. We just wanted to pull out a few of those posts and expand on why we think they’re great!


By far the most popular this month was this gorgeous lounge that caught our eye.

Yes, okay, that eye is drawn somewhat to the skirting in the centre of the room, but really what strikes us here is the warmth and the light. From the tall windows that you know will just bathe this room in the summer, to the indoor lighting that will lift your spirit in the darker days of the year, it just makes you want to curl up in one of the chairs, close your eyes and soak in the ambience.


This one was a bit of personal history for us as it was the first photo we were ever tagged in! A bit early in our Instagram life for nostalgia perhaps but a good insight into the life of a skirting company and a lost customer!

Jessica and Robert have a popular account going back years, which has become such a fabulous project, but when they were first embarking on their journey, one of their first posts was just a simple picture of them considering skirting options for their Victorian terrace in London.

They didn’t go with us in the end unfortunately, but this is why we provide free samples for anyone trying to make such a decision. In an ideal world, you buy new skirting, and you never have to think about it again, so it’s important to get it right.

If you do look at our products and you still find yourself looking for something different we’re always happy to talk through options with you to help you find the right look for your home.


This was one that took us by surprise. We had a couple of creative uses for our skirting this month (namecheck to @makeyourhouseyourhome and their excellent use of leftovers) but the wall panelling here really stood out.

There are a few things that really intrigue us here. First was the geometric pattern that is reminiscent of roof beams and seemed to reflect the fact this appears to be an attic room.

Next is that it was worked around the odd shaped wall, but it also has a window in the middle which intersects one of the ‘beams’!

The final touch though is the colour and the lighting. The wall is such a deep brown that it creates a great spotlight effect, creating a wonderful contrast with the ‘beams’ on the panelling.


This bathroom has such a lovely feel to it. You can almost imagine closing that door behind you and retreating into a relaxing space for a while.

Not only does this bathroom look serene, it’s full of colour-matching harmony.

It also shows off the effect of painting your skirting the same colour as your wall. With the right profile, in this case Victorian, a skirting board or architrave can catch the light and offer a variety of highlights and shadows to create a pleasant feature in an otherwise seamless looking wall.

So, those are just a few examples of what our customers have been up to for this month. If you have something you want us to see on Instagram just tag @skirtingsrus in your photo and use #sruhome in the description if you’re okay with us sharing it on our account.