Whilst July may have meant football hasn’t quite come home (yet!), we did feel welcomed into many homes thanks to everyone who tagged us in their photos or shared us on their Instagram story.

The story of this month’s picks is the celebration of personal touches. These are things that make us happy as homeowners and mean something to you, that perhaps wouldn’t be a choice another person would make.

These are one of the main factors that make a home unique, and they don’t have to be expensive either.

So, thank you to our customers have been gracious enough to let us reshare their creations on our Instagram account and lets begin!


We last highlighted this wonderful home back in May when we saw their unique mirror at the bottom of their stairs.

This time we’ve taken a stroll up the stairs and onto the landing with a great view of how the wall-panelling continues on.

From this angle you can see how they’ve complemented the white panelling with pale colours. Both with the paint on the walls, and in the choice of wood on the floor.

This helps to brighten up areas that would otherwise be a lot darker, especially if they don’t get a lot of natural light.

Of course, speaking of light. Is it just me, or does the lightshade look like a wine glass?


Another retuning pick is this simple photo that captures a moment of decision.

This stylish combination is the type of choice that can really add something special to a room.

Often when we think of interior design, we focus on the big things such as, paint or wallpaper, a corner sofa or a 3-piece suite, dining table or bar.

Whereas, actually the most common elements that run through a house, that have the ability to pull a complete look together include things like fixtures, skirting and architrave.

Personally, I think these will look great with the Chatsworth Skirting Board they’ve chosen.

Sometimes being bold with the small things can make a big difference!


With such a great name it’s fantastic to see a sense of fun and character emanate from the photos on this account.

When it comes to personal touches, I can’t imagine anything that comes close to the choice we make when it comes to heating your home.

Whilst we featured a number of photos with radiators previously, a fireplace is one of things that definitely comes down to individual taste and going for a woodburner is even more eclectic.

There are practicalities I’m sure, not least the size of the room.

However, we love the way this fits in here, with a few logs casually sitting in the fireplace and the basket off to the side.

Of course, what you put around it can help shape the importance of this focal point for you too.

One thing I can’t decide though, is whether that’s a rug in front of the fireplace, or a dog!


Speaking of dogs, we love the placement of this little fella at the foot of the stairs.

Small features like this very cute blue puppy (is Blue's Clues still a thing?) are the kind of thing that often float around the house depending on your mood and can end up as temporary residents, once you find something else that takes your fancy, making way to avoid clutter.

Whether, they end up in the attic, re-gifted or find a new owner by way of a charity shop or ebay, don’t be afraid of the odd impulse buy if you feel it adds that extra something you're looking for.

Even if it only brings joy for a short while or finds it’s forever home with you, it will have given you more than what you paid for it (within reason!) and if nothing else, you’ll always have the memories on Instagram!


The transformation this house been through is amazing and this fantastic view is no accident!

Whilst it may have been homely to begin with it is most definitely the Lee home now as they have put their personal stamp all over this house.

Having stripped it right ‘back to the brick’, as they say on their Instagram, they have totally redesigned the space in this 1930’s 4 bed semi.

Not least, this very view!

They weren’t happy with the layout from the front door so they realigned everything, to ensure you’re greeted by this fantastic view through to the garden on entering (cat may be optional).

I’ll leave you with that wonderful image, as I cross my fingers for more sunshine and will return soon with more of our customer pics.

If you’re doing something unique or are just at the start of your journey, we’ll be happy to post your account and invite others to share the ups and downs with you. Just DM us with your details!

Thank you to everyone who has been featured and that’s a few more examples of what our customers have been up to for this month! If you have something you want us to see on Instagram just tag @skirtingsrus in your photo and put #sruhome in the comments or description if you’re okay with us sharing it on our account.

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