As our stop/start summer creaked into gear and despite various sport-related distractions, our customers still managed to find time to make progress on their homes! We love seeing how you take our skirting and architrave and make it part of something special and unique.

As the #sruhome community grows we’re happy to highlight what everyone is doing and we encourage you to support each other with the wisdom gained from your own experiences, whether you’re just starting out, still in the middle of a renovation or have finally finished.

Again, we want to expand our thoughts on a few of the posts during June that our customers have been gracious enough to let us reshare on our Instagram account and what we appreciated about them. Again, a theme emerged, and this time I seemed to be pre-occupied with keeping warm with radiators and fireplaces swaying my choices!


The month began as I came across two great images where customers had installed radiators. This one stood out because of the way they solved a common problem.

Now, whilst we loved the fantastic radiator that @little_edwardian_manor posted, I was more fascinated by the above image.

It’s always good to see how people solve problems differently and an issue here for @20tennyson was how to fit the skirting around their radiator pipes. Some may have bought shorter skirting to run under them, others may have fitted it around the pipe.

Here though it looks like they’ve run a baton along the wall that brings the skirting out to just beyond the pipe, which I think is quite a neat solution.


One of the things I love to do is to look through who has tagged us in one of their pics and because our account was dormant for quite a while there are plenty of people who tagged us quite a while ago and we’ve only now just noticed!

Thankfully, I came across @sonofatradesman’s account via a post from last year and was instantly gobsmacked by his style and taste.

Looking through each picture he had posted made it difficult to choose just one but I went for this because it does a good job of capturing the classic elegance of his home.

There’s so much detail where you can see a lot of thought has gone into the design, from the décor and the colours to the use of light and the form of the furniture.

I’m sure we’ll feature this wonderful home again in the future as there is definitely more to see.


This one may seem odd to pick out, but I guess I was in the mood for something different this month and time-travelling wallpaper seemed to scratch that itch!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes the glossy pictures can get a bit much. Anyone who has done a renovation of any kind know that it isn’t always pretty and it takes some hard graft to get your home Insta-ready!

That’s why I think it’s great when pages like @my_1905_house choose to show the not so glamourous side to it along with the surprises that you can come across, which are all a part of the journey of turning a house into a home.

In this case they were the only people who had bothered to remove their BT box when decorating, in at least several decades, revealing this lone scrap of wallpaper from another era.

What curiosities have you come across whilst renovating? We’d love to see the pics and hear your story!


Who doesn’t love including their pet in a photo to make a room look complete and give it a bit of warmth and life?

We love how our Roux skirting looks here with contrast between the light and dark colours. The fireplace looks great in black too.

As above, @rubys_new_home doesn’t shy away from the difficulties of taking on the refurbishment of a new home but the video tour of the home before they started work is definitely worth a watch as they venture forth into the unknown.

Just don’t ask what happened to the Mars Bar!

Also, Ruby looks cute!


A fantastic photo that seemed the perfect way to start the countdown to THAT holiday, albeit 6 months early!

Jenny’s photo is obviously a special moment, but she captured it so beautifully that it seems almost timeless.

With the special touch of classic toys, it evokes a traditional look at the festive period and yes, we feel that the skirting, as well as the fireplace, are what helps to define that feeling.

Nevertheless, once our products arrive at your door it’s you who ultimately creates the setting and atmosphere you're looking for with your eye for design and personal taste, which is what makes each customer’s Instagram journey so interesting!

We’ll be back next month to talk some more about July’s posts, so if you’re doing something unique or are just at the start of your journey, we’ll be happy to post your account and invite others to share the ups and downs with you. Just DM us with your details!

Thank you to everyone who has been featured and that’s a few more examples of what our customers have been up to for this month! If you have something you want us to see on Instagram just tag @skirtingsrus in your photo and put #sruhome in the comments or description if you’re okay with us sharing it on our account.

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