This was a more hopeful month than it’s been for a while, not least because of changes happening around the UK. However, the weather meant this was the oddest May we’ve seen for a long time too. Hard to imagine how longingly I was looking at @our_vickypark_home’s fireplace at the beginning of the month as I now sit here sweltering at the keyboard!

However, it’s time to look back a bit more in depth at what our customers have allowed us to share on our Instagram account and doors seemed to be a big theme as everyone showed off their architrave!


We started last month with this wonderfully inventive secret doorway!

We were originally tagged in a different post by @mysussexgreyhome, but whilst we do like showing off our skirting and architrave (we really do!), sometimes we find something that a customer has done that we just want to share with anyone else looking for inspiration amidst all the stripped walls or pulled up floorboards. And this seemed like a joyous bit of fun amidst the cold, wet days of May.

Whether it's a doorway to an extension, an en-suite or a playroom, ideas like this can kickstart any number of possibilities to consider when planning your home!


You may see a fair bit from one of our favourite instahomes over time because they take so many great photos that we are spoiled for choice on what to highlight!

On this occasion we went with this angle of their hallway simply because of the lighting. The effect is beautiful and almost ethereal with the frozen shimmers of light.

This is where lighting can work really well with a dark colour, as mentioned in last month's post, especially if you have a patterned or masking shade that scatters light in a particular way and just wouldn’t stand out so well in a brighter coloured room.

The other great effect of softer lighting is the way it accentuates texture by giving it form through shadow and you can see how the skirting and architrave add this to the space where otherwise there would be none.

With it being an enclosed space the combination of the light and shadow work together to create a depth that goes beyond the hallway itself.


Our final doorway this month is possibly one of the best we’ve seen and has encouraged a number of people to get in touch due to the wonderful effect it has created.

Using a combination of large skirting, architrave and plinth blocks, which I believe are our Chatsworth style, this double door entrance is very impressive.

Particularly, the way that the joins in each corner have been so perfectly aligned, especially on such a detailed profile, is a standout.

Obviously, our contribution is just a part of what Daryl’s overall vision was for this space, but we love how he’s brought everything together.

To get the full effect of what he’s done, there are plenty more pictures on his account and I’m sure if you want to know more, he’ll be happy to give you the lowdown on how he has achieved this sense of grandeur.


Now, this one looks a bit special, particularly because of what it was before and how they had to adapt it to meet their needs.

Originally, @thehuncotehouse had two problems; a window they didn’t like and stairs that were too steep. By solving the primary problem of the stairs they realised it cut through the window area.

Rather than do away with the feature altogether and brick it up like some of us might have done just for an easy life, they decided to make the most of it by replacing the window with a custom mirror!

This is what you might call a happy accident where the consequences of having to fix one thing created an opportunity to bring a positive out of a potentially difficult situation.

Oh, and by the way, they used us for the dado which we think also looks fantastic as it passes through the mirror!


This may surprise you but none of our skirting was involved in the picture below! Instead, @worcesterlodge was chosen as a source of inspiration.

When scrolling through Instagram, occasionally you come across something unique that you want to share and let everyone else know about too.

That’s what happened when I came across this account. Set in the grounds of the English Heritage site, Witley Court, this old gatehouse was where the caretakers for this grand home once lived.

Whilst the main house is now a famous ruin, Katy & James decided to make a home in this historic outbuilding due to the special meaning Witley Court holds for them.

We think this will be a fascinating journey and love what we’ve seen so far!

We’ll also be featuring more accounts in the future (you don’t have to be a customer...yet 😉), so if you’re doing something unique or are just at the start of your journey, we’ll be happy to post your account and invite others to share the ups and downs with you. Just DM us with your details!

Share your Journey with us!

Thank you to everyone who has been featured and that’s a few more examples of what our customers have been up to for this month! If you have something you want us to see on Instagram just tag @skirtingsrus in your photo and put #sruhome in the comments or description if you’re okay with us sharing it on our account.