Diagram outlining the length, depth and thickness on a window board.This guide will help you understand which dimension refers to which face of window sill.

Dimensions Explanation

All of our window sill products have three dimensions which will need to be specified. These dimensions are the: length, depth and width.

Window Board Dimensions

  • Length:This is how long the piece of window sill will be – how far it will run along your wall. You should also consider whether you want the window board to finish flush with the window aperture, or whether you want it the window sill to be ‘cut into’ your wall.
  • Depth: This is how far the sill will come away from the window. This is measured from back square edge of the window sill to the front Bullnose (rounded) edge.
  • Thickness: This is how thick the board will be. On a window sill this would be measured from the top edge of the board to the bottom edge.