Product Information

This series of guides will tell you everything you need to know about our range of skirting and architrave products, as well as ironing out some of common complexities of MDF buying skirting board and accessories. These guides cover our skirting board and architrave materials, finishes, dimensions and additional features.

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Loose sheets of raw MDF.

MDF Information

Everything you need to know about the Moisture Resistant, Higher Density MDF we use for our skirting boards, including; properties, colour variations, advantages.


Foil printed with a wood grain pattern.

Foil Information

A description and explanation as to what the foil actually is, its properties and advantantages.


Veneer roll, pre-application.

Veneer Information

Guide covering what a veneer is and the benefits of using them.




Spray gun spraying white primer.

Finishes Guide

An overview of the different finishes available on our skirting and architraves including, what they are, the advantages of each and why they are used.



Product Dimensions

Tape Measure

Skirting Board Dimensions

This page will provide guidance on the dimensions of a skirting board so you can customise your own correctly.


Tape Measure

Architrave Dimensions

This guide will walk you through the different dimensions of an architrave.


Tape Measure

Window Board Dimensions

An overview of the various dimensions of a window board.


Tape Measure

Plinth Block & Rosette Dimensions

Guidance on the dimensions of plinth blocks and rosettes, and what size to select with your skirting boards and architrave.


Tape Measure

Door Lining Dimensions

Help on understanding which dimension is which on a door lining.


Tape Measure

Dado & Picture Rail Dimensions

Explanation of the different dimensions, and where they are on dado and picture rails.




 Additional Product Features

REbated skirting board with cables running through rebate.

Cable Space Guide

A page dedicated to explaining what cable space is on a skirting board, how its used, and the advantages of using it.