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Large MDF Skirting Boards

This range of products brings together a selection of larger moulding designs (between 50mm/2" and 90mm/4" in height) that work best with high skirting boards.

Today a standard skirting board size would typically be between 69mm/3" and 146mm/6" high, with the moulding taking up perhaps 50mm/2" of that size, however this has not always been the case. Particularly in period properties, you may find the skirting boards are far larger than this (171mm upward), with a taller, elaborate shape machined onto it, perhaps taking up half of the board.

The bigger profile makes the large skirting board look proportionate with the high ceilings commonly found in older homes and avoids the detail looking lost.

Although the profiles are larger, they are a fixed height, so if you choose to also go for a taller board (up to 290mm) the profile does not scale up with the height of the board.

High skirting board is also often used in very large spaces such as lobbies and function halls.

We have a wider range of tall skirting boards with large profiles than most other retailers. With smaller widths and more variety of designs we're sure you will be able to find the high skirting you're looking for.