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Make the most of our Quantity Discounts

Everything made at Skirtings R Us is machined to the customer's order specification, rather than held in stock.

Because of this we don’t tend to generate excess stock which would need clearing, that typical retailers would throw a sale for, so you're unlikely to see a flash sale on our website, or discount codes floating around the internet.

Maximize the use of your renovation budget

With the expense of renovating your home we know how important it is to find ways to manage the costs. That's why we make it simple. There's no need to chase us for a better price, we've already given it to you! The more you need, the better the discount.

We pass savings directly to you

The reason you won't see us offering discount codes is that when a larger quantity is ordered, we can reduce machine setup time.

This reduces our costs in lost production time and enables us to pass these savings onto you as a discount that increases the more you order, giving you savings all year round!

You can then buy your skirting or architrave from us at any time with full confidence, knowing you'll always get our best price.

Best prices on the internet

Don't be fooled by discounts on other sites. We are already much better value than the large DIY retailers and many other leading skirting specialists. This is before our bulk buy discounts kick in. If you do come across advertised prices that are cheaper than ours, then don't forget our price match guarantee.

Choose your discount

The following discounts apply to all individual products ordered.

Minimum Purchase Discount
10 2.5%
20 5%
35 7.5%
50 10%

Once you hit the minimum purchase amount for a product the relevant discount will be applied at checkout.

Does the discount apply to my whole order?

No, it doesn’t. It only applies to individual skirting board or architrave products that pass the required minimum amount.

For example, if you buy 6 Victorian architrave and 12 Victorian skirting boards, the discount applies only to the skirting board as it meets the minimum purchase amount for the 2.5% discount.

However, if you buy 24 London Architrave and 12 Period Architrave the appropriate discount would be 5% for the London and 2.5% for the Period. Even though you are ordering over 35 architraves in total, the discount does not apply to the amount of all the architrave ordered.

We do occasionally offer discounts on total orders as a giveaway though, so be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media to take advantage when we run these promotions.