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Modern Architrave

We have a great collection of modern architrave, to match their skirting counterparts, and to finish your room in style. Like with the skirting, modern architrave tend to lean towards a simplistic design, featuring minimal detailing.

Grooved architrave designs are an increasingly popular modern architrave choice. For extra modern effect architrave grooves can be lined up with matching skirting boards, resulting in a continuous groove running around the perimeter of your walls and doorway.

The smaller levels of detail on these designs tend to be suited to narrower widths, with 69mm/3" being normal, on which the detailing is more proportionate to the board. That being said when a room requires a larger architrave, these architrave designs will still generate a strong modern effect throughout a room, although we would recommend triple grooved profiles, like Bullnose Groove 3, if this is the case to help keep the moulding size proportionate to the architrave size .

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