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Decorative Mouldings

Decorative Mouldings

Elevate Your Space with Exquisite Decorative Mouldings
Welcome to our world of bespoke elegance, where craftsmanship meets customisation. Our exclusive Decorative Mouldings products are designed to redefine your living spaces, adding a touch of sophistication and individuality. From meticulously crafted skirtings to intricately detailed door architraves, we offer a curated selection of premium mouldings to transform your home or commercial space.

1. Skirtings: Crafted for Perfection
Our custom-made skirtings are more than just a finishing touch; they are a testament to precision and style. Elevate your interiors with skirting boards that seamlessly marry form and function, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any room.

2. Door Architraves: Framing Elegance
Step into a world where doorways become works of art. Our door architraves are handcrafted to frame your entrances with timeless elegance. Choose from a variety of styles that range from classic to contemporary, ensuring a perfect fit for your personal taste.

3. Dado and Picture Rails: Artistic Wall Accents
Create visual interest and showcase your personality with our dado and picture rails. These decorative elements serve as versatile platforms for displaying art, photographs, or simply adding a touch of flair to your walls. Experience the seamless integration of functionality and aesthetics.

4. Window Boards: A Finishing Touch of Refinement
Our window boards go beyond mere functionality; they are an expression of refinement. Whether you seek a traditional or modern touch, our custom options guarantee the perfect fit for your windows, providing a polished look that captivates.

5. Plinth Blocks & Rosettes: Unifying Elements
The unassuming plinth block becomes a unifying element in our collection. Seamlessly integrating with skirtings and door architraves, these blocks add a subtle yet impactful touch, enhancing the overall cohesiveness of your interior design.

At SkirtingsRus, we take pride in offering not just decorative mouldings but an opportunity to transform your spaces into reflections of your unique style. Each piece is made-to-order, ensuring a perfect fit for your vision. Explore our exquisite collection and indulge in the luxury of personalised elegance. Redefine your space with Decorative Mouldings that transcend the ordinary.

Buy All Your Decorative Mouldings Direct with Us & Save....

Ordering skirting boards with matching architrave, dado rail, picture rail, plinth block or rosette direct from us comes with benefits, including quantity discounts, and FREE UK delivery on orders over £350+vat.

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SkirtingsRus Aim to Make Your Life Easy

Founded in 2012. Established by Alan and Will Baker. Skirtings R Us is a company built on principles of high quality wood working, combined with strong mechanical processing knowledge. Skirtings R Us have grown into the UK's premier supplier of MDF Skirting Board, Architrave and accompanying Decorative Mouldings, supplying countless households, contractors, builders, and merchants with high quality, customised MDF mouldings, all available at a touch of your fingertips via our website.

We are committed to providing you with all the answers, Guides and Help you might need to make your purchase choices and produce your perfect interior design feel. To ask us anything not covered here, please do Contact Us.

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