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MDF Rosettes

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Plinth blocks and rosettes are extra features designed to bring added grandeur to your room.
Our decor variant is specifically designed to tie in with period features, where as our plain and splayed varieties will work better with modern interiors.
Rosettes are also a particularly labour saving product, as they eliminate the need to diagonally mitre your architrave corners.


High Density Moisture Resistant (MR) MDF

All rosettes are made of a high density, moisture resistant (MR) MDF.

MDF is free from natural defects. This gives it a long product life and means that MDF will not; warp, twist, bow, split, or contain knots, all of which you would find in pine and any other natural wood.

For more information on our MDF please see our MDF information page..


Dimensions for MDF Rosettes

Rosettes traditionally stand proud, being thicker, wider and taller than your skirting and architrave. All of our plinth blocks and rosettes are available in a variety of dimensions to suit your skirting and architrave in this way.

Rosettes are always supplied square.

Height & Width – Available 80mm x 80mm or 110mm x 110mm.

Depth – Available in 25mm and 30mm depths.

Remember, rosettes are usually equally wider and taller than their adjoining architrave.

If you need any further help with dimensions please refer to our plinth block & rosette dimensions guide.


Finishes for MDF Rosettes

When you select your MDF Rosettes you can have a choice of finishes applied as below;

Un-primed – Product will be supplied as raw MDF, with no MDF primer applied. The product will need priming before any paint finish is applied.

Please note: the product may need two or more coats of primer to fully seal it.

Primed – Product will be sprayed with two coats of MDF primer and sanded in-between coats. The board will need a final paint finish.

For more information, see the additional information tab (above) or our finishes guide to find out which finish is best for you.

The Benefits of Primed Finishes

Primed finishes are the most popular supplied to the DIY, building and design industries for several reasons:

  • Pre-primed mouldings relieves a lot of work, as MDF, being an absorbent material, can require two or more priming coats to seal it properly.
  • If primed, mistakes and marks commonly made during installation can be rectified when finishing (unlike a gloss or satin finish, which is almost impossible to ‘touch up’ well and would be wasted).
  • Therefore primed blocks and rosettes are the easiest and most flexible product to install with less risk of permanently damaging the finish.

We recommend a primed finish on plinth blocks and rosettes, and would urge anyone who is thinking otherwise to reconsider.

For more information on primed finishes and the limitations of other finishes visit our finishes page.

General Information

Our MDF Rosettes are produced in house in our Midlands based factory and is machined to order from the specification options above.