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Ethical Trading Policy

Skirtings R Us recognises that as a corporate member of society, enjoying certain rights to do business, it shas a wider responsibility to the public. We are committed to developing a profitable, stable company that recognises and observes labour standards and fundamental rights. By committing to this policy Skirtings R Us wish to ensure working conditions internally and throughout its supply chain in the UK meet or exceed international standards.

As a company we adhere to the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code, in which we aim to help make improvements to poor working people around the world. While applying these standards internally, we also apply them to those that we trade with, and in deciding with whom we trade.

The provisions of this code set minimum standards, not preventing these standards being exceeded. Where possible these standards will be improved upon. This company complies with national and other law and where these provisions coincide, the company will apply the provision that offers the greater protection.

Employment Freely Chosen

Employment at Skirtings R Us is not forced or involuntary. Employees are not forced to submit deposits or identity documents and are free to leave the company at any point providing contractual notice is observed.

Working Conditions

A safe and hygienic workplace and associated toilet and staff room facilities is provided. The company has also taken adequate steps to minimise hazards within our workplace which may be associated with the course of work.

Employees receive recorded health and safety training and the responsibility for health and safety training lies with the management team.

Living Wages

Wages and benefits paid by the company meet or exceed the national minimum wage, and all employees are provided with written and understandable information regarding their wages, conditions of payment before they enter employment, and are advised of any deductions made from wages.

Working Hours

Working hours comply with Working Time Regulations and employees do are not required to work an average 48 hours per week on a regular basis, but any employee who wishes to may opt out of the Working Time Regulations. Employees are provided with at least 1 day off in every 7 day period on average, and overtime is compensated at appropriate rates.

Regularity of Employment

All employees are provided with details of standard working hours of work in their employment contract and will be given reasonable notice in any change of hours.

Freedom of Association and the right to Representation

All employees have the right to freedom of speech, with respect and dignity observed to others at all times. There is no breach of legislation regarding gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or age.

Employees representatives are not discriminated against and maintain access to carry out their respective duties in the workplace.

Child Labour

Child labour is not used. Skirtings R Us only recruits employees over the age of 16. Those 16 and 17 years old adhere to the working time directive and further health and safety duties. Meanwhile those under 18 are not employed for night-time duties or for duties hazardous to health.


Threat of or actual physical, sexual, verbal or any other form of harassment or intimidation is prohibited.


Skirtings R Us will wherever possible ensure our suppliers adopt the same standards contained in the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code.


Alan Baker

Managing Director