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MDF Plinth Blocks

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Plinth blocks are designed to bring added grandeur to your room when placed at the foot of your architrave. This is achieved by making your doors reminiscent of columns from classical times.
The plain plinth block is versatile enough to work with any skirting or architrave, but you will need to always make sure the height is taller than your skirting and the width is greater than the architrave.
The chamfered plinth block is a stylish variation intended to work with detailed mouldings.

Please note blocks are sold in a larger height and are designed to be cut down to the required size on site.

Please see additional information below if considering CHAMFERED plinth blocks to check suitability for your chosen architrave shape.


High Density Moisture Resistant (MR) MDF

All plinth blocks are made of a high density, moisture resistant (MR) MDF.

MDF is free from natural defects. This gives it a long product life and means that MDF will not; warp, twist, bow, split, or contain knots, all of which you would find in pine and any other natural wood.

For more information on our MDF please see our MDF information page.


Dimensions for MDF Plinth Blocks

Plinth blocks traditionally stand proud, being thicker, wider and taller than your skirting and architrave. All of our plinth blocks are available in a variety of dimensions to suit your skirting and architrave in this way.

Height – Machined to a 230mm or 360mm high. Blocks can be cut down from the bottom to suit smaller skirting boards.

Depth – Available in 25mm and 30mm depths.

Width – Supplied in either 80mm or 110mm wide.

Remember, plinth blocks are normally taller than your skirting board and wider than your architrave. If you need any further help with dimensions please refer to our plinth block & rosette dimensions guide.


Finishes for MDF Plinth Blocks

When you select your plinth blocks you can have a choice of finishes applied as below;

Un-primed – Product will be supplied as raw MDF, with no MDF primer applied. The product will need priming before any paint finish is applied.

Please note: the product may need two or more coats of primer to fully seal it.

Primed – Product will be sprayed with two coats of MDF primer and sanded in-between coats. The board will need a final paint finish.

For more information on finishes, see our finishes guide.

Which profiles work with the Chamfered MDF Plinth Blocks?

Some architrave profiles won't work with a chamfered plinth block because they overhang angled face.

The following architrave profiles DO NOT WORK with the chamfered plinth block:

  • Angle
  • Angle Groove 1,2,3
  • Bullnose
  • Bullnose Groove 1,2,3
  • Pencil Round
  • Square
  • Square Groove 1,2,3
  • Torus Small, Torus 1
  • Windsor
  • Palace