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Large Skirting Board

If you are looking for a large skirting board with a big, elaborate design machined onto it, this is the category for you. While today a standard skirting board height may be up to 146mm/6" tall, in period properties skirtings are typically far taller. Our Large Skirting Board range is suited to skirting boards taller than the average, and are perfect for period era homes and high ceilinged properties. Large skirting board designs will create elaborately decorated border for your room.

Compared to our other skirting board ranges featuring standard moulding sizes (circa 50mm high on the board), our Large skirting board designs feature a bigger moulded size on top of the board (circa 100mm high on the board). This makes for a more proportionate appearance on tall skirting board sizes.

Many of our Large skirting board styles are based on replicas from specific architectural time periods like the Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian eras, as well as styles which are designed to reflect the character of these bygone periods.

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Founded in 2012. Established by Alan and Will Baker. Skirtings R Us is a company built on principles of high quality wood working, combined with strong mechanical processing knowledge. Skirtings R Us have grown into the UK's premier supplier of MDF Skirting Board, Architrave and accompanying Decorative Mouldings, supplying countless households, contractors, builders, and merchants with high quality, customised MDF mouldings, all available at a touch of your fingertips via our website.

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