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MDF Skirting Board

60+ Skirting Board Profiles!

We understand the importance of making your home special, and it is surprising how well this can be achieved or tarnished by a device as simple as a skirting board! To that end, we have designed a very extensive range of different skirting shapes, suited to period, contemporary and traditional homes, each with a variety of sizes so that you can choose exactly what suits your home.

Pre-Primed White Skirting Board

All 60 skirting profiles are available pre-primed saving you the grueling task of sealing your board. Pre-primed white skirting boards will deliver you a classic, white skirting board colour which will complement any room.

MDF Benefits

MDF is the most widely used material for skirting board throughout the building industry. Being a defect free, man-made material, MDF (unlike natural timbers) won't warp, twist, split or crack. This gives MDF skirting boards a longer life and also makes it by far the most cost effective material to build with. The MDF Skirtings R Us use builds these features.

Our High Density, Moisture Resistant MDF, allows us to produce a far greater quality product in comparison to other suppliers premium grade MDF skirting board. Check out our MDF information page for more details.

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