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Traditional Skirting Boards

A popular category, view our range of traditional skirting boards that are frequently found thoughout the UK, regularly used by tradesmen and now considered traditional skirting board designs.

Within the UK, a number of skirting board designs have been used especially regularly in building, leading to them being some of the most commonly seen shapes in buildings and staple skirting board designs. Consequently designs including Torus, Ogee, Bullnose and Chamfer skirting, with Ovolo and Lambs Tongue also considered traditional skirting board designs in the UK. 

Although recognised and available widely, these designs have been produced by numerous manufacturers, each with different variations and differences in their design. This means if your trying to match an existing skirting, it is well worth ordering a sample to check the design will match!

Traditional skirting boards tend to be ordered between 69mm/3" and 146mm/6" high, but extensive height options are available should you need them.

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