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MDF Architrave

Architrave is the name given to a decorative moulding that surrounds a doorway, usually made of wood. Traditionally architraves are used to conceal the the gap between a doorframe and the edge of a wall.

It's important to us that you get the door architrave that's right for your project, be that a board which is delivered quickly, easy to maintain, or in keeping with the style of your property. Like our skirting board ranges, we have four matching ranges to suit these requirements.

Unlike larger retailers, we have a wide choice of 60+ architrave profiles. All of our MDF architrave profiles are designed to perfectly match their skirting board counterparts, and are available in numerous widths between 50mm and 120mm, with a pre-primed option to provide the classic white architrave colour.

While fitting a different architrave to your doorway can be done, most customers opt for matching skirting and architrave, which provides a consistent design throughout an interior.

Save Time & Money Fitting MDF Architraves Around Your Doors

MDF architraves are a time efficient and cost effective option for renewing your the mouldings around your doorways. Our pre-priming option will remove the tedious task of priming your architrave, while the nature of MDF means the board is both durable, and without knots or natural timber defects, that would otherwise require treating and/or increased waste.

Architrave Available In Lengths Or Door Sets

All of our architraves are available to buy in lengths of 2.4m, 3m and 4.2m.

Alternatively, they can be supplied in door sets suited to single door widths, or double door widths. These consist of two upright 'legs' at 2.4m for the sides of the doorway, and a horizontal 'head' for the top of the doorway which is 1.2m on a single door and 2.4m on a double door set.

Door sets are square cut, not mitre cut.

A single door set refers to the width of a single door and a double door set refers to the width of two doors side by side, like french doors. If you want to install the architrave on both sides of a doorway, you will need 2 door sets.

Made To Order Still Super Fast !

All of our MDF architraves are machined in-house by our specialist team of wood machinists and sprayers, using the latest machinery and production techniques available. This allows us to delivery superior quality architraves direct to your door. Our lead time is usually just 3 days! We invite you to order a free samples and check our results for yourself.

SkirtingsRus Aim to Make Your Life Easy

Founded in 2012. Established by Alan and Will Baker. Skirtings R Us is a company built on principles of high quality wood working, combined with strong mechanical processing knowledge. Skirtings R Us have grown into the UK's premier supplier of MDF Skirting Board, Architrave and accompanying Decorative Mouldings, supplying countless households, contractors, builders, and merchants with high quality, customised MDF mouldings, all available at a touch of your fingertips via our website.

We are committed to providing you with all the answers, Guides and Help you might need to make your purchase choices and produce your perfect interior design feel. To ask us anything not covered here, please do Contact Us.

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