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MDF Window Boards

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Window boards and window sills are used to disguise the point at which the plaster on your window aperture meets the window frame, and are an essential feature of any room. All of our window sills are are machined from high density, moisture resistant MDF with a bullnosed edge as standard. All boards are customizable in a variety of sizes.


High Density Moisture Resistant (MR) MDF

Our MDf window board range is made of a high density, moisture resistant (MR) MDF.

MDF is free from natural defects. This gives it a long product life and means that MDF will not; warp, twist, bow, split, or contain knots, all of which you would find in pine and any other natural wood. This makes MDF the most economical, time saving material for your architrave requirements.

Skirtings R Us MDF builds on these properties. We manufacturer on a high density MDF board which we have specifically sourced, as it produces a far smoother cut surface when moulded, superior to window boards made with a standard or premium MDF.

For more information on our MDF please see our MDF information page.


Window boards are available in an array of different sizes to suit your apertures.

Thickness – available in 18mm or 25mm thicknesses.

Depth – machined to sizes between 146mm and 346mm.

Length – Supplied in a range of lengths between 1.2m and 3.050m

If you need any further help with dimensions please refer to our window board dimensions guide.


Window Boards are supplied either;


The Benefits of Primed Finishes

Primed finishes are the most popular supplied to the DIY, building and design industries for several reasons:

  • Pre-primed mouldings relieves a lot of work, as MDF, being an absorbent material, can require two or more priming coats to seal it properly.
  • If primed, mistakes and marks commonly made during installation can be rectified when finishing (unlike a gloss or satin finish, which is almost impossible to ‘touch up’ well and would be wasted).
  • Therefore primed window boards are the easiest and most flexible product to install with less risk of permanently damaging the finish.

We recommend a primed finish on window boards and would urge anyone who is thinking otherwise to reconsider.

For more information on primed finishes and the limitations of other finishes visit our finishes page.


General Information

Our MDF window boards iare produced in house in our midlands based factory and is machined to order from the specification options above. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, then you should know we can cut to any size and undertake bespoke requests. For more information visit our bespoke page or feel free to give us a call!

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