B&Q Skirting Board

When buying skirting board B&Q is one of the first stops many people make due to its wide range of DIY products. However, some people leave the site feeling that the stocked products are not quite what they’re looking for. So, are there other options than to buy B&Q skirting board and if so, what are they?

Traditional B&Q Skirting

It is a fact that B&Q stock a limited range of skirting boards. These include the most commonly found profiles in the UK, and profiles that are generally popular with the trade such as:

  • • Ogee
  • • Torus
  • • Chamfered
  • • Rounded
  • • Square Edge
  • • Bullnose
  • • Ovolo

There is nothing wrong with these designs as we offer these traditional skirting styles ourselves, however whilst they might be fine for certain uses, a wider choice of styles can lead to finding the perfect skirting board for your interior.

Period Skirting Board in large living room with bay window

Recreate this look with Period skirting board

You might be looking for something to fit into a modern interior design or perhaps you want something a bit more elaborate for a period property. You may even want to go for a grander, more luxurious large skirting board if you have high ceilings and want to counterbalance the coving.

As you can see, the world of skirting is bigger than the narrow focus of a large retail chain.

MDF Skirting Board at B&Q

One area where B&Q do have a wider range than us is with the materials they use for their skirting boards. Pine and Oak are fine, traditional materials, especially if that look is key to your design scheme.

However, in our experience natural wood skirting is difficult to work with due to having to treat knots in the wood and it can split along the grain. Once installed it can also warp and twist due to environmental conditions.

We prefer to offer consistent and durable quality in our skirting, which is why we choose to only use High Density, Moisture Resistant MDF. This means your chosen moulding will be clean and sharp, it won't lose it's shape and you won't have to worry about replacing it again for a long time.

London Skirting Board installed in home

Tall Skirting Board

The height of your skirting board is a key factor when choosing where it fits into your interior design. Taking into account the fixed profile of your chosen moulding can drastically alter the look and feel of a skirting board in the space you’re designing for.

Generally, tall skirting boards are most used in grand rooms within period properties, lobbies or function rooms. This is normally an issue of scale, B&Q skirting boards only have a couple of tall options, the highest of which is 219mm, this is about mid-range for us as our tallest board is 296mm, which means they would literally come up short for a number of jobs.

Do B&Q Cut Skirting Board?

Yes, they do cut it to size in-store if you require it. While we don’t cut boards to length, our skirting comes in a variety of lengths, but we recommend allowing 100mm on either end in case of scuffing in transit.

If you mean, will they modify an existing moulding or create a custom one, then no they won’t.

We do offer this service on large enough orders, however if an order is too small the cost of the tooling (circa £140+VAT) in addition to the materials could make this route unviable.

As a bespoke service this means costs are individual to a job and would be much more expensive than our regular skirting boards. But if it’s the right path for your design please get in touch with us to discuss details.

B&Q Architrave

You may also be considering buying architrave from B&Q too and be faced with the same choice. A lot of the points mentioned above still apply.

The limited choice in styles and sizes must again be balanced against how quickly you want them and how big your room is.

If you want wide architrave then a specialist manufacturer, such as ourselves, would still be your best option.

In summary, B&Q is the right choice if convenience is the main factor. However, if you’re looking for quality and a range of options to choose from, we are here to help you achieve your vision and get the job done.

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