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Door Lining Dimensions Guide - Door Frames, Linings & Casings

Door Linings Dimensions Guide

One of the three standard elements that make up a doorway. Door linings are fitted to the inside of a doorway, to cover the unsightly internal structure of the wall. Combine our customisable MDF Door Lining* with our Door Architrave and you'll be two thirds of the way to achieving your improved door presentation goal.

If you are struggling to understand which dimension refers to which face of lining when you're ordering, then this guide will help you out.

Dimensions Explanation

Door linings have several dimensions; height, width, depth and thickness. Height, width and thickness shouldn't need to be specified as our standard size will cover a standard imperial doorway.

What is a standard (imperial) internal door lining size in the UK?

Internal door lining sizes vary a lot depending on the requirements of the property, but it helps to understand the most popular, standard imperial size, as this will be adjustable for most instances:

A standard imperial internal door lining in the Uk is:

  • Height: 2040mm
  • Width: 864mm

Door Lining Dimensions

  • Height: This is how high, or far up, each length of the lining will reach. Measure the height of your doorway to find out how high your door lining needs to be. Height doesn't need to be specified on this product, as we supply lengths (2040mm H) to suit standard height doors.
  • Width: This is how wide the door lining will be when erected, and corresponds to the top piece of the door lining, which will run from the left to the right of your doorway. The width does not need to be specified on this product, as we supply an 864mm, which can be adjusted to suit smaller sizes if necessary.
  • Thickness: This is how thick the board will be. This is measured from the wall outwards. We only offer 25mm board thickness in this product, so again it does not need to be specified.
  • Depth: This is how deep your lining needs to be. This is basically how thick your wall is, from one side through to the other side. This can be specified from five different sizes.

Dimensions Diagram

Door lining diagram with key dimension names indicatedDoor lining diagram with key dimension names indicated
Door Lining Dimensions Diagram

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