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Dado & Picture Rail Dimensions Guide

Diagram outlining the length, thickness and height dimensions of dado and picture rails.If you're not sure what the dimensions used to measure dado rail and picture rail are before you make your purchase, this guide will help you identify the appropriate dimensions when it comes to evaluating the suitability for you interior design.

Dado and Picture Rail Dimensions

  • Height This is how tall the rail will be, when measured from the top to the bottom edge.
  • Width: This is what the block measures from the left edge to the right edge.
  • Thickness: This is how thick/deep the block will be measuring from the back edge to the front edge, or from the wall outwards. Plinth blocks and rosettes are usually thicker than their surrounding mouldings by as much as 7mm or as little as 3mm, which allows them to stand proud.

Dimensions Explanation

Each rail has three dimensions which will need to be specified. These are the: height, width and thickness/depth of the rail. This is made slightly easier on this product since these products only come in limited sizes.

A dado rail or picture rail will normally be either thinner or the same thickness than the architrave that it will butt up against, please bear this in mind if you are seeking to use these with 15mm thick architrave.

If you want your dado rail to follow the incline of your staircase then you don't need a special design and the same rail is used as on a wall. The diagonal effect is achieved by how you cut the ends and finding the correct angle that matches the incline.