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Architrave Dimensions Guide

If you are struggling to understand which dimension refers to which face of an architrave, then this guide should answer your questions.

Dimensions Explanation

All of our architrave products have three dimensions which will need to be specified. These are the: length, thickness and width. We also provide the height on each of our mouldings. This allows you to judge whether our design will match with an existing architrave which you may already have.

Architrave Dimensions

Diagram outlining length, depth and width on an architrave

  • Length - This is how long the piece of architrave will be – how far it will run up or along your wall/doorway.
  • Door Set - If you select door sets, then you will be supplied with enough lengths of architrave to cover one side of a standard doorway – you will choose either a single door set (one side of a single doorway) or a double door set (one side of a double doorway).
  • Thickness/Depth - This is how thick the board will be. This is measured from the wall outwards.
  • Width - This is how wide the architrave will be running around your doorway. This is measured from the top of the architrave shape to the bottom flat edge of the architrave, and is usually around 69mm/Ex 3”.
    There are two parts of the architrave you can measure. If you are measuring an upright architrave (leg or jamb) this is left to right. If you are measuring a horizontal head this is top to bottom.
  • Profile Height - This is how high the moulding/shape is on the architrave, and is when measured from the start the the end of the shaping.

Architrave Sizes - Inches or Millimetres?

In the DIY and construction industry it is commonplace to see things measured in inches or millimetres depending on the item.

This can be the same with architraves too where sometimes the width is advertised in millimetres or inches, our products list both measurements when making your choice.

Whichever method you use we've tried to remove the headache of trying to press the tiny buttons of your calculator watch by listing both below for easy reference!

  • 50mm = just under 2 inch architrave
  • 69mm = just under 3 inch architrave
  • 96mm = just under 4 inch architrave
  • 121mm = just under 5 inch architrave

How wide should my architrave be?

Generally, most doorways use a standard width of 69mm for their architrave. However, sometimes you have the room to go wider and create an impressive looking entrance and other times space can be quite tight and so you need it is as narrow as possible.

Architrave profile height

You also need to take into consideration the profile width when considering your choice. Profiles are a fixed measurement and don't change in proportion to the overall width.

A simple profile like the Chamfer would be 32mm wide with the rest of your chosen width being flat. If you pick the 50mm width the flat would be 18mm.

A larger profile such as the Chatsworth is only available on a 121mm board because the 80mm width of the profile wouldn't work with a smaller size.

Check out our full range here.

Architrave Door Sets

Diagram outlining difference between single and double architrave door sets.

Rather than ordering them individually, we do offer complete door sets for single and double doors in a single bundle so that you just have to choose your thickness and width once and then say how many you want.

The door sets are designed to cover one side of a door. If you want to have the same architrave on both sides of a door you can just order 2 door sets.

Please note, door sets are not pre mitred.

Get the most out of samples

Samples are a great way to help you make up your mind. Not just about the profile you want but about the size too.

It's one thing to see something you like on the screen but it's much better to be able to handle it in person and see it in your home in relation to everything else.

We don't have to charge our online customers for our showroom overheads as we are online only. This allows us to offer cheaper prices, but also we are happy to send you up to four samples for free before incurring postage costs.