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Celebrities - What Skirting Would they Choose?


What skirting would Cara Delevigne choose?

We start with Cara Delevigne, who you might expect to have a unique style to her home, and she doesn't disappoint.

Architectural Digest shows off many of the quirky features she has installed, but if we look closer we can see that she is fond of skirting boards and mostly the period kind

Cara Delevigne home - Victorian Skirting Board

As an aside, we like the way she has used Dado rail to make a feature of the wallpaper in this room.

Perhaps covering the whole of her walls with this wallpaper was too expensive, even for her budget!

Whilst the skirting boards continue with the same style throughout her home we do get a couple of glimpses of her architrave choice too, where she appears to have matched it.

Cara Delevigne Home - Matching skirting board and architrave

You can see that even when using the same profile, which looks similar to our Victorian profile, the different orientation gives an alternative emphasis on the shadows and highlights.

Cara Delevigne Home - Blue Carpet with Tiger print next to Victorian Skirting Board

Farewell to Cara, as her skirting boards share the limelight, with her bold, but wonderful carpet!

What Skirting Board would Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Choose?

Game of Thrones star, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, as you may expect, naturally goes for the Scandi look for his home.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Home - standing by the fireplace

What does this 'Great Dane' choose as a fitting skirting board for this contemporary style?

From what we can tell, it's the classic, Ogee profile.

Nikolay Coster-Waldau home - Sat at his desk through where you can see his Ogee skirting on the wall

It adds a softer touch to the sharper lines present in contemporary designs and shows the versatility of a simple profile to adapt to any home!

What Skirting Board would Serena Williams Choose?

Next up is tennis legend Serena Williams. Her stylish home features another modern skirting board style, similar to our Double Crown profile.

Serena Williams home - Double Crown skirting board profile on the wall

You can see that the inclusion of her skirting was well thought through, as it fits in well with other features within her home.

Serena Williams home - skirting board fits flush with bookcase

Her boards are on the taller side and make use of plinth blocks to create a better transition from skirting to architrave.

One choice she's made, which is often a consideration when going for tall skirting boards, is with regards to her wall sockets.

In this case, you can see that she's decided to incorporate them into the skirting itself, rather than work around them.

Serena Williams Home - Wall sockets fitted over skirting board

It's also interesting to note that so far, the style of skirtings used by these celebs is consistent throughout their homes. They seem to use the same profile in each room.

You could say, skirting, architrave, match?

What Skirting Board would Mark Ronson choose?

Popsmith, Mark Ronson, has quite a traditional 'Spanish Villa' feel to his home, so you may not expect to see skirting boards, just plastered walls, yet, it is used throughout.

Mark Ronson Home - Victorian skirting board

It's more noticeable as we are guided through his home and you can see it present in each room.


Despite very much looking like a villa, he has added a traditional 'English' feel to the kitchen/dining room, with dado as well as skirting.

Mark Ronson home - skirting board and dado rail used in the kitchen/dining room

However, the open archways don't really lend themselves to using standard architrave due to the curves.

What he has done, is themed each area, so whilst the skirting may be painted different to the walls in one room, it is then painted the same in another.

Mark breaks the previous pattern, established earlier, by having different skirting board styles, notably in the hall, which seems to have a custom made square profile, due to all the curves.

Mark Ronson Home - bedroom with skirting board


And, in his bedroom where it appears to be either a chamfer or a swallow-like profile.


Otherwise, most of the rooms appear to have gone with the ever popular, detailed, Victorian profile.

What Skirting Board would Kendall Jenner Choose>

Our final peek behind the curtain is with superstar Kendall Jenner.

Kendall Jenner Home - living room with skirting

Her home borders on ultra contemporary with many unique features, and makes room for her many achievements.

The contrast between light and dark materials is present in almost every room.

Kendall Jenner Home - skirting and architrave

The large walls are a canvas for her interests. Whether it is books or art, Kendall wants each room to have a focal point.

Did you notice which skirting boards Kendall Jenner chose?

Kendall Jenner home - square skirting by fireplace

It was Square!

Why has Miss Jenner gone for the plainest skirting?

It's probably because that is it's strength. She doesn't want the lines of her walls and doorways to draw the eye, she has other things in each room to do that, but she just wants something as an accent to her décor.

Kendall Jenner home - square skirting in hallway

And, that's where the humble square edge profile comes in, and why it remains popular in interior designs such as this.

Thanks to Architectural Digest for bringing us into these wonderful houses, and we hope you liked this unique view of our chosen celebrity homes.

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